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Monsieur Léon has two jobs: bank clerk during the day and spanker at night. First called to solve the sexual problems of his boss, he will not stop there. Aided by his milkmaid who will serve as secretary, he soon acquired a renown as master-spanker for which he is paid while touting the aphrodisiac virtues of his practices.
Three erotic stories from classic writers Marguerite de Navarre, Nicolas Restif de la Bretonne and Guy de Maupassant.


Sexual awakening of Billy, an inept teenager who undergoes a series of humiliating, but nevertheless arousing experiences. His peculiar traumatic experiences cause him to develop an insecurity about his ability to have a sexual relationship with a woman, as well as a fetish for peanut butter.



 Catalina is a young, beautiful girl living in extreme poverty with her brother Byron and her mother Hilda. She becomes obsessed with getting breast implants to get social status and money. She leaves her boyfriend Albeira and becomes a prostitute for drug dealers. In this way she will enjoy all the luxuries that she lacks. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Albeira and her mother Hilda begin a relationship behind her back.

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